Mannequin Hand with Fake Acrylic Nails

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A makeup enthusiast’s dream, this practice hand is amazing for trying out new styles and practicing techniques before doing your own nails!

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Mannequin Hand with Fake Acrylic Nails

 Explore the most intricate of nail paint designs and patterns with the Cavao Nail Painting Practice Hand.

  1. The practice hand is a professional grade product and can be used in salons and parlors for display and to exhibit designs. It allows customers to try out and look at a paint and pattern before getting it done themselves.
  2. Wonderful for children who are taking their first personal care and makeup steps. The practice hand helps kids learn and unleash their creativity. 
  3. It’s usefulness isn’t limited to professionals, it’s also great for the average makeup enthusiast.
  4. Comes with 5 adhesive pieces for added convenience, which can be used during practice.
  5. The eco-friendly manufacturing material is completely safe and provides precise results, replicating exactly how the paint and polish would appear on human nails.

Never mess up your nail paint again and dive into the wonderful world of colors, paints and patterns!



How do you use a mannequin hand?

The Cavao Mannequin Hand for nail painting practice is very simple to use and comes with a supply of acrylic practice nails. Fit the nails onto the fingers of the hand and proceed to paint, just as you would for a normal human hand!

How do you practice acrylic nails on the practice hand?

The Cavao Mannequin Hand is fantastic for developing creativity. There are no rules, experiment to your heart’s content and paint on the practice in the exact same way you would on your own hands! 

How do you remove acrylic nails from practice fingers?

The acrylic nails are very easy to apply and remove. The Cavao Nail Painting set comes with a strong glue and a pack of nails included. Use the adhesive to fix the nails on to the hand and gently pull to remove them once you’re done!

What is needed to start practicing nails?

All you need is some nail paint/polish and a gentle brush to apply it. You can use regular paint on the Cavao Practice Hand, however, for best results we suggest that you use nail polish as this will give you a proper idea of how it will look on your own nails.

Can I push a nail into the cuticle or do I need to glue them on?

The Cavao Practice Hand requires nails to be glued onto the hand. We provide you with the glue as well as a supply of practice nails with the Cavao set.


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