Baseball Pitcher

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This kids’ pitching machine works well for baseball and tennis games. The pitching set includes a pitching machine, a baseball bat, a tennis racket, along with 6 pitching balls. 


Dual Mode:  The pitching set comes with a remote control baseball bat. The easy to access switch triggers a pitch with one simple button press. While in auto mode, the balls pitch automatically after 5 to 7seconds, making it excellent for tennis practice.

Overload Protection: This feature protects the device from damage. The self-regulating jam protection feature resets the device when you remove the balls and turn it off after facing a malfunction. Simply remove the balls and wait for 5 to 10 minutes before turning it back on.

Tennis & Baseball Practice: The constant pitching lets your kids practice their skill and become an expert in tennis and baseball. The perfect tool for your kid’s baseball & tennis practice.

Designed For Your Kids Safety: While using the product, supervision is recommended. This 2in 1 pitcher is specially designed while keeping your kid’s safety in mind. This ensures your kids will be 100% safe while using this product if used correctly.


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