Nail Styling Ideas For Christmas

Nail Styling Ideas For Christmas

Did you know, nail painting is an age-old styling idea that goes back several thousand years before the birth of Christ? Evidence suggests that Ancient Babylonians painted their nails with a gold manicure before they went to battle. On the other hand, Egypt’s ancient civilization used nail painting as a method of signifying class. Interestingly, only people of the elite group were allowed to wear red. 

Thankfully, nail styling is much simpler in the modern era. While the restrictions on colors have been lifted, the purpose of nail art has reached a personal level. Today, nail styling is done mostly according to personal preferences and occasion. If you are looking for at-home nail care tips, you can give our blogs a read.

Well, with Christmas and new year being right around the corner, let us look at a few nail painting and nail styling ideas that suit your style and brightens up the occasion.

Two-tone nail color art

Two-Tone Nail Color Art

It is a simple yet elegant nail art idea. It simply means painting your nail with two vibrant and elegant shades instead of just one. Choose one color and paint your entire nail with that base color and let it dry. Once it dries, choose a contrasting or complementary color from the color wheel and use it to paint a design on it. 

You can use this idea to try several nail art styles. You can try half and half with two-tone colors or use the second color to paint a thick stripe down the center of your nail. If you are a pro or confident about your strokes, you can draw it freehand. If you want precise lines, you can use washi tapes for your aid.

Trendy Nail Styling Ideas For This Christmas

Marbled effect

Marbled Effect

This is the most sought-after nail art style these days. Being one of the most popular nail art styles and being on the top of trending nail art ideas need not mean it has to be complicated.

With a bit of practice, you can master this art style with ease.

Paint your nails with a base color and add a dot with the color you want to use as the marble shade. Use a detail brush to swirl the color around while it is still wet. Voila! You have marble styled nail art. With a bit of practice, you can master this art style with ease.

Polka Dots

Polka Dots

Polka dots have been ‘the’ thing in the world of fashion for ages. Although it got popularized during the early ‘80s era, this is one of those styles that never gets old. You can add this timeless art style classic to your nail art and give your nails a smooth yet vibrant look. 

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Glittering French manicure

Glittering French Manicure

A polished, shiny, well-groomed nail can never go out of style. It speaks about your idea of sophistication and self-care in volumes. Although it is an age-old ‘safe option’ when it comes to nail art, it need not mean you have to drop it completely if you are looking to stand out. 

Add a bit of glitter and drop in your creative ideas to it and style your nail with a French manicure as your base. After all, your nail art should echo your personal style and personality.

Matte manicure

Matte Manicure

If you had too many bright, vibrant colors and shiny polishes, we understand. What about you try a different thing this season?

Matte manicure or nail paints offer a refined, sophisticated look and make your nail look exceptional. It’s a great look that makes your nail stand out from the crowd where people are all going for a glossy finish. If you want to add a bit of holiday touch to it, you can add a hint of matte red nail paint, and you are Christmas ready.

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Floral Stamps

Floral Stamps

If we are talking about interesting patterns like polka dots and marble paint, skipping floral ideas would be a crime. Add charm to your nails by adding floral designs. The bright colors and floral design, or simply paint a flower and brighten up your flourishing life, are perfectly suitable for those looking for a fresh start this new year. Symbolic much?

You can choose to keep the floral designs simple or make them detailed nail art. If you want, you can get floral nail stamps to help you out. Otherwise, you would need a detailed fine brush to help you paint the intricate designs you have in mind.

Fiery sunset

Fiery Sunset

Nothing speaks more about Christmas and the holiday season than the vibrant shades of red. Add a bit of fire to your nail art ideas by painting your nails in a vibrant gradient of red, orange, and yellow. This sunset look is enough to grab everyone’s attention and resonate with your fiery personality. 

These are some great nail art ideas that you can try this Christmas season. Pro Tip, if you are going for the Christmas theme, add a touch of red, and you are good to go. If you are not too sure about your nail art skills and want a bit of practice or a manicurist who needs a hand model to practice your nail art and nail care skills, using a nail training practice hand can prove to be a game-changer.

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