How to Clean Your House Pool – 5 Easy Steps

Cleaning your house swimming pool can be an exhausting job. No matter how much you try to postpone this tedious work, it is something you will have to do. Who knew that aside from owning a lavish pool you will have to consider cleaning it as well?

Let’s assume that you forgot the cleaning part. Now you have a dirty above ground green swimming pool in your backyard without a clue on how to clean it without professional help. Well, worry no more, as here are easy steps for you to clean your pool without much hassle.

Friendly Tools of A Professional

Before you jump into your pool, to clean, you must have the proper supplies for the procedure. You will need:

  • Net Skimmer
  • A Pool Brush
  • A Manual Pool Vacuum Cleaner
  • PH Level Testing Kit
  • Chlorine Tablets

That’s it! That is all you will need to clean your above ground house swimming pool.

Leaf Net

Step 1: Remove Surface Debris With Leaf Net 

Before you start scrubbing the pool walls with the pool brush, you must remove all the debris that is floating on the surface of the pool water. To prevent the floating leaves, debris, and dirt from mixing with the water, skimming is necessary before scrubbing.

For this process, you can skim the water with a leaf net skimmer. If not every day, it is important that you skim the pool water frequently to keep your pool clean and hygienic.

Scrub The Pool Walls

Step 2: Scrub The Pool Walls

Pool walls might have a layer of dust and grime on top and you will have to ensure that those are cleaned thoroughly. You can use cleaning solutions to help you with the process.

If your pool was dirty for a long period, you will have to pay attention to this step a bit more than usual, especially to the pool ladder and stairs area.

Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Step 3: Pool Vacuum Cleaner

With the surface and the sides clean, it’s time you get to the bottom of your problem- the pool floor. You can use a manual or an automatic pool vacuum cleaner for this step. This will help you clean all the debris off the pool floor.

Shock The Pool

Step 4: Shock The Pool

You don’t actually have to ‘shock’ the pool. As amusing it may sound, this step is necessary to make your pool hygienic. Pool water has lots of bacteria and algae growth. You can kill them and make your pool safe for use by using chlorine tablets and pool shockers. 

For this step, you will need to use the Ph testing kit to check and adjust the alkalinity level of the pool water before it is safe for use.

Filtration System

Step 5: Run The Filtration System

With all done and dusted, you can let the filtration system do its work and remove the remaining dirt and algae growth from the pool.

If you have a green pool, you will need to let the filtration system run for more than a day before it is suitable for use.

With these 5 simple steps, you can clean your house pool with ease. If things look a bit intimidating, you can always call a professional. Or, you can use Zepluxe’s SiphonIt Jet Pool Vacuum Cleaner to make your pool cleaning a lot easier and hassle-free – as it cleans debris and dirt from the bottom of the pool in no time.

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