Do’s & Don’ts of Nail Care

Proper nail care is important for your health more than you know. In today’s world proper nail care habits are not only a fashion statement, but also reflect on your habits and your general health condition. So, having healthy nails speaks volumes about you and your personality.

Growing and maintaining healthy nails takes a bit of effort and time investment. But this is a form of self-care that is worth the effort. At the same time, it is important to know what to do and what not to do in your nail care routine. To help you out, here’s a list of dos and don’ts of nail care.


Harsh Chemicals

1. Use Harsh Chemicals

Try to avoid using harsh chemicals in your nail care routine. This mostly involves strong nail paints and nail removers that use harsh chemicals. Although they might make your look good temporarily, they damage your nail health. They often make your nails brittle making them prone to breakage.

Nails Wet & Dirty

2. Keep Your Nails Wet & Dirty

Try to wear gloves while doing house chores, washing dishes, washing clothes, and gardening. This will keep dust and dirt away from your hands and also prevent harsh chemicals from ruining your nails. It is important that you keep your nails clean and remove all dirt to improve your general nail health and hygiene.

Bite Your Nails

3. Bite Your Nails

The habit of biting nails not only ruins your nail care routine but it is also something that is unhygienic. Biting your nails gives them jagged edges – ruining their shape and breaking them abruptly. It also transfers germs from your hands to your mouth which can make you fall sick


Be Gentle

1. Be Gentle

Cutting and trimming your nails is an important step in your nail care routine. Not only does it prevent your nails from splitting and breaking, but also keeps your hands hygienic. It is crucial that you maintain a proper nail length and do not cut it too close to the skin or grow it too long.

To ease up the procedure, it is better if you trim your nails and file them after showering as after a bath or a shower, nails tend to be softer. You can also file the nails to smoothen the jagged edges and maintain your nail health.

Moisturize Your Nails

2. Moisturize Your Nails

To prevent your nails from becoming brittle, dry, and prone to breaking, you need to keep your nails hydrated. You can dab avocado and almond oils on your nails and cuticle. You can also use moisturiser instead of oils. This nail care step keeps your nails strong and flexible, thus preventing breakage.

Consuming Protein

3. Consuming Protein

Nails are basically dead cells that are made of Keratin, a type of protein. So, the health and the growth rate of your nail is directly related to the amount of protein consumed by you. To improve your nail health or increase your nail growth rate, you can include food supplements in your diet that provide protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, and omega 3 fatty acids. Or you can simply consume foods like fish, beans, and nuts that provide you with all of these nutrients.

Consult A Doctor

4. Consult A Doctor

Make sure you know the signs of good and healthy nails. Your nails should not have spots or discoloration and your nail cuticles should be whitish-pink in color. If your nail causes you regular pain, or you notice swelling or discoloration, do not hesitate to consult a doctor as it might be a thing of concern.

Manicure & Pedicure Method

5. Ensure Proper Manicure & Pedicure Method

Make sure you are visiting a professional to get your manicure and pedicures done. It is important that the salon knows what they are doing and doesn’t use unsterilized equipment or harsh chemicals.

During the manicure and pedicure process, ask the nail technician to not to remove the nail cuticles as they happen to be your nail bed. Removing nail cuticles will weaken your nails and can also cause infections through micro-cuts.

You can also try nail manicure and pedicures yourself at home while resorting to these safety habits. If you are a trainee or a nail technician, you can practice your manicure skills and nail art talent on Zepluxe’s Cavao – A nail painting practice hand. It is a useful human-like hand that eliminates the need for human models for practicing nail care services.

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