7 Pro Tips for Quick Manicure at Home

Proper nail care services like manicure and pedicure take a lot of skill. To amp up the ‘nail game’, most of us visit salons to get extensive manicures and nail art done. Although it makes you look more presentable, it can feel a bit costly on time. Most importantly, visiting a salon doesn’t seem to be a viable option as it can become time-consuming.

To solve all those issues, you can try getting a manicure at home. But it is not as easy as it sounds. So here are a few pro tips to help you out.

Shape It Up

1. Shape It Up

Although shapes like stiletto and coffin are trendy styles, it’s important that you do not try them without proper practice. Instead of going for those stylized shapes, you can try a simple rounded tip as it will give you a clean and your nail will have fewer chances of getting caught in things.

Nail Filing

2. Nail Filing

You can simply file your nails to shape its edges and round the corners to give it a smoother finish. This process will not only give your nail shaping process a smoother finish but also smoothen up all the sharp ends that you do not want.

While filing your nails, make sure you file in one direction only so that you do not disturb the fibers of your nails.

Prep Time

3. Prep Time

Cleanse your nails and sanitize them before you move on to the next step. Although most salons ask their clients to soak their nails in hot water, studies show that as hot water expands them, filing and shaping them can produce adverse results as nails contract when they dry up. It’s better if you try dry manicure at home by sanitizing your nails and cleaning them up with alcohol or nail polish remover.

Nail Polish Bottle

4. Prep The Nail Polish Bottle

Do not shake your nail polish bottle. Although you might end up doing it by force of habit, try not to do it as it creates bubbles in your paint, making it difficult for you to get a smooth finish.

If you see that the colors have separated, you can roll your nail polish bottle to mix the colors well. Many nail polish bottles even have a metal ball inside 

them to stir its contents and create an even consistency.

Two Thin Even Coats

5. Two Thin Even Coats

Most professionals agree that two thin coats of nail paint are better than one thick coat. With thicker coats, you run the risk of smudging and have a longer drying time, which is extremely inconvenient and not worth the effort.

You should always try to apply thin and even coats to make the paint look all the more appealing and seamless.

Three Light Strokes

6. Three Light Strokes

You do not need to go over the top and smear a lot of paint on your nails to get a professional look. All you need is three smooth brush strokes – one in the middle and two on either side. Three strokes are enough to cover up your nail and make your look beautiful.

Cooldown Time

7. Cooldown Time

After you paint your nails, let the coat of nail polish dry before you paint another layer on top. Do not apply more than three coats as it would make the nail polish too thick.

After painting your nails, let your paint dry for a few minutes and do not let anything touch your fingertips as it may leave smudge marks and dirt on your nails. If you are in a rush, you can air dry it. Contrary to popular belief, try cooling your nails instead of applying heat. It is heat that prevents your nail from becoming firm and dry. If possible, blow cold air to make the nail paint dry quickly.

You can try these methods and get a professional-looking manicure at home and save yourself both time and money. Interestingly, the experts and salon’s nail technicians too follow these methods.

If you are not sure about your manicure skills and want to practice them before you try it on your hand; or if you are a trainee who wants to practice her nail service skills and manicure skills at home, you can look for Cavao- Nail Painting Practice Hand. It is a flexible human-like hand where you can practice your nail care skills.

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