House Pool Maintenance Tips & Hacks

7 Cheap House Pool Maintenance Tips and Hacks

Having a house pool comes with lots of responsibilities. Starting with checking the water’s alkalinity levels, filtration system, pump, and cleaning pool walls, there are several hundred responsibilities that can all add up to become a headache. Well, it need not be the case every time.

We know that owning a house pool can feel a bit ‘high maintenance’. To help you out and to make things easier for you, here are a few quick and easy cheap pool tips and hacks to maintain your house pool without much trouble.

Tennis Balls

2. Clean Pool Deck

While we are paying all the attention to the pool and pool waters, the pool deck often ends up getting neglected. An ill-kempt pool deck does more harm than just taking away the aesthetic elements of a house pool.

The debris, rotten leaves, and dirt from the pool deck eventually ends up in the pool water, which gets the pool contaminated with bacteria and algae, if not dirt and debris.

For this reason, it becomes you clean your pool deck, remove the debris, clean all the dirt and scrub if needed.

Swimsuits Only

3. Swimsuits Only

When you are walking around in your street clothes, your clothes tend to catch a lot of dust and dirt. Jumping into the pool with your outside clothes on can make your house pool all dirty and filthy. The fibers of those clothes are not suited for the pool chemicals as well. So, to ease up the pool cleaning process you can make it a rule that prevents people from jumping into the pool with street clothes on and make your pool a ‘swimsuit only’.

Vinegar Against Calcium Scaling

4. Vinegar Against Calcium Scaling

Since we are talking about house pool maintenance tips and hack, not mentioning this would be a sin. 

If you are wondering, you are not the only one who is bothered by those calcium scaling on the pool walls. If you want you can buy strong chemicals and detergents from the hardware store to have a clean pool wall. Or you can simply use vinegar.

It can be a bit hard to believe that there is such a simple solution for a critical problem like calcium scaling. Just add a bit of diluted vinegar on a sponge and start scrubbing.

Have A Pool Care Schedule

5. Have A Pool Care Schedule

Although it may sound a bit intimidating at first, doing this would be a great help for your ‘pool cleaning’ life. This will not only help you keep track of everything, but it will also ensure that you maintain your pool regularly so that you don’t end up with a dirty pool that you have to clean thoroughly.

This will include keeping tabs on the chemical levels of the pool water, maintaining the alkalinity level, running the pool filter, vacuuming the pool, etc.

Maintaining a schedule will not all take away the headache of doing the entire job of pool cleaning all at once, but also make things easier to manage.

Lemon Juice V/S Metal Stains

6. Lemon Juice V/S Metal Stains

Removing metal stains and rust from the can get quite laborious. We know that. But this laborious task won’t be such a backbreaking task once you start using lemon juice to clean it.

Instead of using a commercial or industrial stain removing sprays and solutions, just add a bit of salt to the lemon juice and make your own solution. This way you can keep your pool clean and without rust stains without exposing it to harmful chemicals,

Vacuum Your Pool Floor

7. Vacuum Your Pool Floor

This is more of a tip than a maintenance hack. Buying a pool vacuum might feel expensive at first, but it becomes economical when you take account of all the pool cleaning services, chemical costs, and other maintenance costs that you have to face without it.

A good pool cleaner will remove all the dust dirt and muck from the pool floor. It will also prevent algae formation and keep your pool floor clean and prevent dirt and dust depositions.

In fact, you can buy Zepluxe’s SiphonIt, an automatic jet pool vacuum cleaner. It happens to be an affordable pool cleaner that makes your pool maintenance job a thousand times easier with its unique and efficient design. Try out this pool maintenance tricks and hacks with the automatic jet pool vacuum cleaner and get excellent results within days. Have fun!

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