About us

The requirements of a family household are diverse and varied. At Zepluxe, we place equal importance on catering to the needs of each and every member of the family. Our range has something for everyone, from toys for children to beauty products for women. It is our belief that happiness begins at home and we strive to create unique products that can be used conveniently around the house, frequently.

The requirements of children are diverse and varied. At Zepluxe, we believe that it is essential for children to learn but in a fun and enjoyable way. Our carefully designed toys and games aim to strike a balance between physical and psychological development in kids. We also specialize in top-notch personal care products that help you treat yourself to the indulgent self-care that you deserve!

An American brand, Zepluxe was established with the goal of making high-quality products accessible to all sections of the society. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us and we constantly innovate in order to be able to serve you better. Join us, as we work towards fulfilling the entertainment and personal care needs of families across the world!